The company achieved experience in numerous services, achieving a colourful profile within the market. The company’s profile includes work starting from plaster boarding, dry building, through mechanicals, steel structures building.

Structure ready content

Through out of the structure ready stage and selecting of the raw materials, the built-in electrical wiring, heating system, and plumbing will be the key elements of the pile of your house. We think of these as very crucial points, that through out the building of the project the quality should stand out, because all the house inner and outer structure will be built upon that. We don’t take our guarantee lightly or negotiable, that’s why it is crucial, that its done to perfection.

Key ready structure

Through our 5 sensors we receive stimuli in our everyday lives. So what kind of environment we spend our days in, it influences our general well-being, and merely affects our health also. That’s why it is so important that the inner space gets extra attention. Based on that, the main items, lighting, cooled or heated areas and all the boarding’s harmony in its colour palettes and in materials focuses on the centre point of the execution.

Interior design

A space becomes our home, when it reflects our personality and tastes. Creating a home is not an easy task, to whom it’s not their field of expertise. Although the interior designers job is much more, than to just use materials, items and colors in contrast. Through the planning it is vital, that the system what is based on, therefor it helps to create an ideal living accommodation, that mirrors the style and taste of the new owner.


The Holt-Maros residential community’s payment structure is fairly simple.

–          20 percent deposit is needed, by signing of the contract

–          The remaining 80 percent ,which will be stated in the contract with a structured payment plan while finishing of the project.